Welcome to Catfé, Vancouver’s first cat café. It is absolutely as dangerous as it sounds.


Am I cat person? No, I am not.

Did I want to adopt this little guy so hard? YES I DID.


(His name is Anakin btw, and all you really need to know is that he is the sweetest but you can find out more about him here and if one of you nice people could see your way to adopting him and then inviting me over a lot I would really appreciate it. Thanks.)


Catfé hosts adoptable cats in a gorgeous retail space in International Village Mall. You walk in, pay your $5 admission/purchase the treat of your choice, and go commune with the kitties.

Did I mention that even the food is adorable?


Basically this place is awful. You can walk in and be all, “Whatever I am totally a dog person” and by the time you’ve left you are like, “CATS. GIVE ME ALL OF THE CATS.”

(Anakin is only 3 years old BTW. If you’re considering it.)




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