Sucia Island

Last weekend we visited Sucia Island, also known as one of the most beautiful places on earth. The entire island is a marine park, and during my childhood we visited it frequently.

I haven’t visited in probably at least 15 years, and it’s almost exactly as I remembered it.  The only difference? These rocks, which I remembered as being super fun to climb on when I was a kid, now look like a great big bruised hip waiting to happen.

True facts: the ground actually gets *harder* as you age.

IMG_9193 (853x1280)

The kids had no such concerns and scrambled up them like mountain goats, until I picked an arbitrary line and told them not to cross it. Then they scrambled back down and gave me looks like, “Wow, you worry a lot, crazy lady. Those rocks are nature’s amusement park and I don’t know why there’s no cotton candy right now.”

IMG_9192 (853x1280)

It was my first time boating with the kids, and it was really wonderful to share something with them that was such a big part of my life growing up. The big difference is that my memories of boating as a kid involved a lot of impatience that parents were insisting on things like life jackets and not hanging off the side of the boat. Obviously, you know what’s coming. Yes, I spent this whole trip imagining all the ways my kids could die at sea. I can list them for you. And the things that I didn’t think about, the kid’s Nana thought of.

Mama Bear instinct. It’s a real thing, and it never goes away.

Having said all that, I can’t wait to do this trip again. There was a moment on Sucia when the kids were climbing on logs, and Corbin attempted to walk one of them in his not-made-for-climbing sandals, and my dad took his hand and walked him across. And then walked him across again. And again. I am pretty sure Papa Hugh would have kept that up indefinitely, but 4 year olds have a short attention span and Corbin moved on to something else pretty fast. Look at the picture now, though, pretty much sums up  one of my favourite things about having kids. Watching them explore the world with their grandparents hits me in the gut, every single time.

IMG_9218 (1280x853)

Then, of course, the kids took turns driving the dingy back. See how Corbin isn’t watching where we’re going? Yeah, there was a button in the middle of the steering wheel that was way too interesting to justify steering the boat. That button could have been a *horn!* Or an inter-dimensional portal! Anything, really!

IMG_9224 (853x1280)


IMG_9227 (1280x853)

If you want to visit Sucia (and you should), you’ll need to either hire a boat or hitch a ride with someone. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but it’s more than worth it.

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