Throwback Thursday – 2007

On this Halloween edition of Throwback Thursday, I present to you this photo from 2007. My friend D and I were discussing the possibility of babies, and laughingly commenting on what inappropriate mothers we would be. The leap from “inappropriate mother” to “let’s do a photo shoot with us dressed like ’50’s housewives” was shockingly short.

I currently have four shots from this shoot framed on my bathroom wall, and have since before my first child was born. When I was drowning in newborns and diapers, these photos reminded me of my past life and grounded me. When I felt lost and alone, they reminded me of friends, laughter, wine soaked nights and spontaneous coffee dates. Most of all, it reminded me that somewhere buried underneath sleep deprivation, confused self identity and deeply rooted biological urges I did indeed still have a sense of humour, and one day it would rise again.

This right here? This is what it’s all about.

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