Vanier Park

The kids are currently taking Orff classes at the Vancouver Academy of Music, and we tend to show up early. ┬áThis is partially because I’m paranoid of being late for things, and partially because the music school is right next to Vanier Park, one of the most beautiful spots in Vancouver. On this particular day, we had about an hour to wander the park and soak in the skyline before heading into music.

Looks idyllic, doesn’t it? And it was.


Until this happened. Those ducks, man. They were seriously frightening.


It was adorable at first, before we realized the damn things outnumbered us. The kids took refuge on a park bench at one point, while I doubled over laughing and made a note to myself to start setting money aside for their therapy fund.

Ducks, fortunately, have short legs, so we lived to fight another day.

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