My name is Sharolyn, and I live in Vancouver, BC. I live with my husband Brian, my daughter Isabeau, my son Corbin, and two stubby labs named Sami and Tina. Our household putters along in a state of happy chaos that is probably inevitable when you live with two small kids and a couple of cheerful but stupid dogs.

I started this blog in 2013 as an exploration of motherhood and my own awkwardness as I tried to wrap my head and my heart around it. Then in November, 2013, we unexpectedly found ourselves homeschooling, and everything changed.

Now I explore my city, travel as much as I can, teach my kids, and live life. I am stupidly in love with Vancouver and poke my nose into as many odd little corners of it as I can. I am pretty excited about homeschooling and read/talk about it voraciously. I also blog about politics, body image, feminism and a variety of other subjects that keep me up at night. It’s possible that the soap box is my natural habitat.

Welcome here. I hope you enjoy the ride.