Christmas Lights in South Surrey

To kick off our December Christmas madness, we ran out to pick up my dad and hit a local house that puts up the most gaudy, amazing, ridiculous Christmas light display. Behold, the glory of  15499 22nd Avenue, Surrey.

We hit this space last year, much to the kiddos delight, and this year did not fail. There are even a few new additions. The Minions tree…

And these amazing retro elves, which are apparently “at least 40 years old.”

On the way out we grabbed some candy canes, and chatted a little with the lady of the house. I asked how long they’ve put this display on, and apparently it’s been around 20 years, although next year “they will be scaling back a little” due to some work being done on their roof. In the meantime, I encourage you to check it out, and contribute a little to the local food bank at the same time.