Dali, Surrealism, and Dessert

We are currently about three months behind on opening our Universal Yums snack boxes, but as it happened, my procrastination worked out in my favour for once. Just as we were diving into the Spain box, I happened to notice that the Chali-Rosso Art Gallery in Downtown Vancouver was hosting a Dali exhibit until the end of summer. As a good homeschool parent, I am contractually obligated not to let opportunities like this pass me by, so I timed the snack box opening with the exhibit.

We talked a bit about surrealism before we went, but probably nothing prepares you for real life Dali, and if I’m reading their facial expressions correctly, an impression was made.

What kind of impression, time will tell, of course.

If ever I was wondering whether or not the homeschool gods were smiling upon me, I received confirmation of their blessings this week, as I discovered that a surrealist café, Laurence & Chico, was opening the same week we were going to see the Dali exhibit. I am not one to pass up on a good theme day (More accurately: I LOVE A GOOD THEME DAY), so obviously we stopped in. Specializing in tasty desserts, unusual clothing, and bizarre décor, it is worth a visit.

If you make it to Laurence & Chico, I advise you to use the bathroom immediately, because some things should not be missed.