Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs

This spring we visited the Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs exhibit at the Royal BC Museum.

As usual, the ferry ride to Victoria was lovely, bordering on magical. I wonder sometimes if my kids will have the same connection to the ocean that I felt during my childhood. I hope so.

I attempted to prepare for the exhibit by checking out a slew of library books. I even bit the bullet and got the audiobook of The Magic Treehouse’s Egypt story out, even though every time I hear those books my soul dies a little. As it happened though, I had a hard time engaging them on this subject, so I shelved the books for the most part and decided to let the exhibit stand on its own. And what a gorgeous exhibit it was.

Admission rates to the Royal BC Museum can be found here, but if you’re a home learner, email ahead for a special rate.