Feeling Thoughtful…

I never get tired of watching these planes land and take off.

Travel’s been on my mind lately, as I’ve been working through my shock at Anthony Bourdain’s death. I hesitate to write that as it feels a bit like making a tragedy that had nothing to do with me, about me. Still… he inspired, amused, and charmed millions of people, and I was one of them. So I’ve buried myself in his TV shows and books for the past few months, trying to make sense of something where no sense is to be found.

Today I finished the last available episode of Parts Unknown, and read the last chapter of A Cook’s Tour, and have been feeling a bit depressed as a result. I realized in my deep dive of his work how often he said things that were likely, in retrospect, indicative of suicidal thinking. And how it was these moments… these flashes of insight and darkness that were presented to us wrapped in sardonic humour… that frequently gave his writing such poignancy. It makes me wonder if the thing that made him great, was also the thing that eventually took him down.

And that, I have to say, kind of sucks.

Rest in peace, Anthony. Thanks for the stories.

‘Perfect,’ like ‘happy,’ tends to sneak up on you. Once you find it – like Thomas Keller says – it’s gone. It’s a fleeting thing, ‘perfect,’ and, if you’re anything like me, it’s often better in retrospect.
— Anthony Bourdain