Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest

I have rules about Christmas trees. They may not be purchased before December 1st (because anything Christmas before December is an abomination) and they must come down on January 1st (because if you don’t, things slip, and suddenly you’re hiding Easter eggs under your Christmas tree skeleton NOT THAT I’VE EVER DONE THAT I’M JUST SAYING IT’S A POSSIBILITY LET’S MOVE ON).

So the fact that we didn’t get a tree this year until the 10th was truly starting to make me antsy, but thank God we managed to make it happen today. Last year’s tree farm visit was the first time we didn’t purchase a tree out of a parking lot somewhere, and it was so much fun I promised myself we’d do it every year. Enter Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest, my new favourite Christmas tree destination. They offer free hot chocolate and apple cider, and there are lots and lots of gorgeous trees to wander around in before you go back and grab one of the pre-cut ones. (I may live in the ‘burbs now, but I do not cut down trees, and the husband appears to feel the same way. Give me a nice pre-cut, pre-wrapped up number and I am good to go. #CityGirlForever)

Plus, they have a handy dandy self spot. Aren’t we cute?

Just kidding, this one’s more true to life.

We got it home and started the annual unpacking of the holiday memories. Every year we add a new ornament to represent the year. Last year, we added two. A gorgeous Etsy find… a metal cutout of Guatemala, not that I will ever forget the days I spent sitting next to my dad’s hospital bed there, and a beautiful East Van cross, made out of reclaimed wood from torn down East Van houses.

This year, I already knew that we would need to commemorate the loss of our Sami dog, when a friend showed up with a sweet little dog with 2017 written on his hat… something she’d purchased before we knew that we would have to let Sami go. The kids got a little solemn when it came time to put it up.

And finally… as I say every year… the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had! (Insert eye roll from the kids followed by, “Mom, you say that every year!”)