Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

This weekend we visited Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Lipont Place in Richmond.

I have to say, after five years of homeschooling I’ve begun to approach exhibitions with caution. Yes, many of them are educational, but also let’s be honest, dull as could possibly be, especially if you’re an 8 year old kid. This exhibition, however, I do not have that complaint about! There were so many great features about this exhibit, among them:

– The artifacts themselves, of course.

– The audio guides, which kept my restless son interested enough to pay attention in places where he normally would not.

– The room replicas. Seriously so good.

– The admission tickets, which are “boarding passes” printed with the name and information of an actual passenger. At the end of the exhibit you get to look for your name and find out whether you “survived” or not. (Spoiler: Corbin didn’t make it, Iz and I did.)

– The staff! I cannot say enough good about the staff. Literally every room had people eager to jump in and educate. I’m actually not sure that I’ve ever encountered staff who were so eager and excited about their exhibit, and like I say, I’ve been to a lot of these things by now.

This only negatives I have to mention is that it’s expensive ($17.95/adult, $13.95 for kids, plus a $5 rental for an audio guide made for just over $50 for the three of us) for a fairly short experience (we were in and out in about an hour). I probably would have spent longer if I weren’t with children, but as every parent can tell you, children generally make for shorter experiences at events like this.

Conclusion: Two thumbs up, would visit again (and probably will).